Wise Words

by Amanda Breen

Wise Words from Socrates

For those of you who have followed or read the "old" TheModline.com, you may have known that it was an Online Lifestyle Magazine that focused entirely on Vancouver fashion, music and art. I am and have always been a huge advocate in purchasing and supporting our local businesses. Which is why I went in that direction with this website 8 years ago.

This past January, I lost motivation to update the site. I felt guilty and frustrated about not being able to keep up with emails and posting.

So much of my life has changed in 8 years. I'm done with school (I think), travelled, I bought a place, I'm engaged and I've got a seriously cool job that I love and am grateful for. I knew I outgrew what the old Modline was. I had to make a change. 

I'm happy and really excited to tell you that I'm turning a new page and will be sharing a more personal look at my journey as a “modern woman”. I want to share with you things I'm currently passionate about and love, like art, fashion, music and creating beautiful and positive spaces, without limiting myself to talking about only Vancouver businesses. I'm hoping that I'll spark more conversations and continue to inspire you but this time be a little more real and still stay fun.